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One of the most unknown things on this blog is that we’re all extremely passionate about suicide prevention. Each of us has attempted suicide if not once then more than once and we’ve learned that it gets better and although most times it seems that it doesn’t it did for us. We’re all the type of people where we’d throw away our time our sleep and stay up all night just to help save at least one persons life. We have strong feelings about that and we know that there is a suicide hotline in place but we want to start a new kind of suicide hotline. It will have a phone number to call and we will man it as well as have others man it 24/7. However we want to change the world by creating a mobile helpline where we will go from city to city at least 1 each weekend to major cities but also set up tents in all small cities around it and invite people to come out and talk to not only us but professionals if they would choose as well as meet friends to help them through this. Which brings us to the next part of our campaign that we are passionately working on which is called “best buddies” and what this program would do would be partner suicidal people who are in a bad place mentally or surrounded by hateful family with someone that will be available to them 24/7 whether they need to text, call or meet up in person and these people will be given a responsibility to be there and nothing else because thats what every suicidal person truly deserves, to know they’re not alone even when they feel like they are. The basis of this post is that right now we are attempting to save up enough money and are starting a fund on “Gofundme” so if you too are passionate about being there for someone in that spot or have a little extra money to spend and want to help please go check out our fund and maybe donate a little. Anything really does help when we want to change the world and let everyone know that their are people here who care.

Message me for a private link if this is for some reason not working.

Anonymous said: i met a guy online, from mutual friends and stuff. we've had a thing for quite awhile now and his really sweet, but when we finally went to meet up he was acting shy making me follow him everywhere which was kind of stupid so i stopped and then he follows me and its annoying like why is he so shy ? what should i do to get him out of his shell ?

Havent logged onto this blog in over a year finally log on and this is what i get annoyed by first. He’s shy! So what? YOu know this man and you have for a long time but it was your first time meeting in person and the truth is hes probably a little insecure/scared you don’t find him attractive. It’s not “annoying” personally i find it to be adorable and i think all of us in long distance relationships in some way experience that shyness. Try actually going up to him and holding his hand or finding things to talk about possibly suggesting you go do something like a movie so that it will give you something to talk about.

Anonymous said: To the anon who asked about the right time to meet someone you're in a long distance relationship, first of all that's a great answer. And second, I met my boyfriend after two weeks, and I wouldn't have wanted it to be at any other time, I was super nervous but it was over soon :)


Anonymous said: (continued...) but yes he's a real dick like he sleeps around a lot & always tries to chat my friends up as a 'joke' & does often get with other girls. Anyway, I've just started to get really close to his best friend Jamie & I think I really like him haha awkward! Like we get on so well, he's such a nice guy, we share the same likes, always have a fun dance together, we even got tickets for a gig together in October! I just don't know where to go from here... Should I make a move? Idk!xxxxx

Go for it! :3 If this friend is gonna treat you right and is gonna make you happy when this other guy only cares about having sex it seems then you deserve whats best for you. Someone that will love and care about you not push you towards sex. 

rahoiem said: So someone asked earlier if skyping and talking all night with other girls was bad and you said something was up. While I agree it's not great I disagree that something is there. I do this all the time simply because my girl's phone is shut off at 11:30pm. And I enjoy talking to my friends late at night. But no matter what I still know that my girl is the love of my life and NO ONE will ever replace her for me in a million years. But I still talk to and Skype with other girls.

I’m not saying that its bad to talk to other girls but when a guys doing more than just talking to friends all night and seems to be fliritng with them all the time its a bit iffy. Your girls phone is shut off you know? theres isn’t and they have the chance to be talking to her but instead are all over these friends and thats still a bit weird. 

Anonymous said: Me and this guy starting liking each other last summer but then I moved 5,000 miles away. We still kept in touch for a few months but then one day we stopped talking. I got the chance to spend time with him this summer and we became really close. Unfortunately, I had to go back home and far away from him. I developed feelings for him again and I don't know what to do because I know long distance doesn't work out. Should I continue to like him even though we live so far away from each other?

I don’t think you can honestly tell yourself whether or not to like someone. That’s gonna happen naturally and you can’t just make it go away. & “long distance doesnt work out” isn’t really true it can work out if both people are committed. 

notasbigasellen said: What's some things you & your boyfriend/girlfriend can do together for free?

Nature! No really anything in nature from camping to hiking to just going to a park.

Movie nights are great find some old movies on tv or just dvds you have laying around and spice them up by pretending you’re the characters etc.

Cook together im not saying go out and buy all new ingredients look around your house and the internet and find some recipe you have the stuff for.

Game nights! It’s fun to get competitive and even funner to kick their butt :b

you can always go out and volunteer together find an animal shelter or a kids place to help and make a bunch of memories.

look online for new bands and discover music you can both download and love

find an old tv show you both love and do a marathon of it just in your pajamas relaxing together

Go for a bike ride to a town you’ve never been to explore together!

Anonymous said: Is there such a thing as emotional cheating? Because i feel like when my boyfriend hangs out alone with other girls and skypes them and talks on the phone with them until one of them falls asleep he is. Am i being overdramatic? He says he doesn't like them and he's so desperate to date me but why doesn't he date these other girls that he flirts with? I'm confused >_<

I’m gonna be honest with you and this is just a personal opinion if a guy is willing to go out of his way to flirt with this girl, to give her all of his time to stay up talking to her all night there’s something there and that’s not okay when you’re together. 

Anonymous said: I'm in a long distance relationship. When do you think is a good amount of time to start meeting each other? like for example after 1 week, is too soon. or 3 years is too long. I hope you understand this. Thank you <3

I beyond understand this! Honestly i don’t think there’s a right or a wrong time. Just make sure that you’re sure. Look at that person and feel love before you waist a lot of time and money on them. Meet when you’re both ready and that could be anytime in the world. 

Anonymous said: I fall so hard for someone even after just meeting them, but when they start to get flirty I get scared and think that they're just freaks. I was molested as a kid, but idk if that would have anything to do with it? Is this normal?

I’m not gonna say its normal and i know that may hurt you but with what you had gone through? its normal its to be expected and you’ll have to fight through it for the right one. 

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